May 22 , 2020

What To Know About Constipation In Babies

Constipation is a painful problem that can strike at any age. When your baby starts to poop less than three times a day don’t fret! Infant constipation is a perfectly treatable and avoidable health problem. Recognizing the signs of infant constipation should help you soothe and cure your little one in no time.

Symptoms Of Constipation

  • A rather fussy and grumpy mood: Pain and strain is usually one of the biggest signs of constipation. Your baby might stop smiling and starting fussing a lot due to stomach pain. He can also suffer a bad mood due to all the strain he has to deal with while pooping.
  • Hard, black, and bloody stools: When someone is constipated their stool usually becomes rather hard and dry. Sudden changes in the color or texture of your baby’s stool are generally a good sign of constipation.
  • Excessive straining while pooping: It isn’t easy for anyone, much less a frail baby, to pass stool that is rather hard and dry. The strain of constipation can cause a baby to arch their back and cry a lot while pooping. It’s also quite common for constipated babies to strain a lot without passing anything at all.
  • Fewer bowel movements: Constipation doesn’t just mean having a hard time while pooping. In many cases, people who are constipated can’t poop at all. Babies who don’t pass any stool at least once every 5 to 10 days are very likely to be suffering from constipation.


What Can Cause Constipation?


It’s very common for babies to suffer constipation due to food allergies. Constipation can happen due to certain ingredients in a baby’s formula, as well as food that is passed through breast milk. Allergies to food like cheese and certain vegetables can also happen in older babies who have started eating solids.

An Unbalanced Diet

Applesauce, bananas, and rice cereal can cause constipation if they are eaten too much. Babies who have started eating solids can also become constipated when their stomachs aren’t used to certain food.


What Should I Do?

Add A Little Fruit To Their Meal

Sugars in fruit juice can loosen stool and make it easier for babies to poop. If your baby is suffering from constipation, and if they are older than 1 month, you can let them drink an ounce of apple or pear juice a day. You can also let your baby drink 1-2 ounces of water if they’re older than 4 months and if your doctor says it’s okay.

You can also give your baby pureed pears or prunes if they’re already eating solids. Start with 2 to 4 ounces a day, then increase or decrease servings if needed. If fruits don’t help your baby’s constipation at all, you might need to call your pediatrician. It could be a sign of a more serious problem.

Change Your Formula

Constipation usually occurs in babies who are allergic to certain ingredients in their milk. Lactose intolerant babies can become constipated when they drink milk-based formulas. Babies who are allergic to ingredients like soy can also react badly to organic formulas. Consulting your pediatrician and using a formula with safer ingredients will help your baby feel much better.