Oct 02 , 2020

The Basics of Buying a Good Baby Stroller

Good baby strollers aren’t always easy to find. With so many new and inventive options at your disposal, it can be really overwhelming to decide what features and accessories you and your baby need the most.

Choosing the right baby stroller isn’t simply a matter of finding something that’s easy to steer and move around. You’ll need to take both you and your child’s needs into consideration, as well as rule out features or designs that may not work that well for your family. Dedicating a lot of time, energy, and budget into buying the right baby stroller may not be quick and easy, but it sure beats dealing with accidents and defective equipment.

Types of Baby Strollers

If you live in the big city, you may need a stroller that can easily fit and move around in bus stations and subways. On the other hand, if you travel on rougher terrain very often, you may need a stroller with powerful shock absorption and control. Here are the main types of baby strollers to choose from.

Standard Full-Sized Stroller

A full-sized stroller is often considered the safest and most practical choice for any parent due to its strong, sturdy, and durable design. Even though full-sized strollers come with some additional bulk to deal with, they also offer plenty of nifty and useful features for families, such as great storage and convertible seats for growing babies. Some strollers also come with seats that can be reclined, whereas others are designed with seats that can be set up in both rear-facing and front-facing directions. This is pretty much the best option for parents who need a tool that can cover their basic needs at a reasonable budget.

Umbrella Stroller

Also known as lightweight or travel strollers, umbrella strollers are designed to be much easier to lift, carry, and move around than standard full-sized ones. These come with less weight and bulk to deal with, making them incredibly convenient and useful for parents who need to travel to the grocery or subway with their babies often. Although umbrella strollers come with less features than full-sized ones, they do come with great essential add-ons like seat recline, wide storage, and adjustable canopies.

Jogging Strollers

This kind of stroller is perfect for active parents who love to explore bumpy and rough terrain with their kiddos. Designed with easy steering action and superior suspension systems, jogging strollers are useful for traveling and jogging anywhere, any time. Parents can travel uphill and downhill with their little ones, or simply wander around the park without worrying about sudden stops or bumpy rides. Jogging strollers do come with extra wheels and additional weight, so you might not always have an easy time bringing them in and out of narrow spaces. Running and jogging aren’t also recommended for newborns, so you might have to hold off getting a jogging stroller until your baby is at least 8 months old.

Double Stroller

As the name implies, a double stroller is basically a 2-in-1 stroller for twins or kids who are close in age. Parents can choose between double strollers which have seats right next to each other (known as side-by-side doubles), or strollers with seats that are back-to-back. These strollers are bulkier and heavier than regular single-type ones, but they are incredibly useful and convenient for parents who need an easy way to transport twins or siblings.

Travel System

Travel systems are a wise choice for parents who often need to take long drives with their kids. This type of stroller comes with a car seat attachment. Parents can simply detach the car seat from the stroller, then transfer it to the car without the hassle of waking up their kids or folding up bulky equipment. Even though travel systems aren’t really ideal for long-term use (babies can outgrow car seats very quickly), they are an efficient and convenient solution for families who love to travel and explore a lot.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Stroller

There are many factors you’ll have to keep in mind when picking the right baby stroller for your family. Baby strollers are a pricy but long-lasting and important investment, so you’ll need to work hard to ensure that what you’re getting can really last and help you out for a long time. Before rushing your brand new baby stroller to the checkout counter, be sure to consider these important factors first.


Not all strollers are built the same. Some strollers are specially designed to roll on smooth floors and narrow rooms, whereas others are built to withstand rough ground and heavy shock. Think of where you’ll often be travelling with your baby, and how your daily routine may be affected by a stroller. Do you need something that’s easy to fold and carry in the car? Is your ideal baby stroller something that’s sturdy enough for daily trips to the park? No matter what your lifestyle is, it’s vital to pick a stroller that works best for you and your family.


Baby strollers are pricier than most other pieces of baby gear, so you may need to shell out a bit more money than usual. Depending on what your needs are, you may need to pick baby strollers that offer tons of useful features, such as easy steering and switchable seats, in exchange for a higher price. Of course, there are also plenty of budget-friendly options that work great and make a reliable tool for any family.

Number of Children

Single strollers work great for families with only one child to care for. However, if you and your spouse plan on raising up siblings, you’ll probably need strollers with unique 2-in-1 designs. To avoid the hassle of buying multiple strollers for multiple children, go with strollers that are already built for two. If you’re on the fence regarding siblings, you can also choose strollers that can go from single to double, and even triple, in just a few steps.

Essentials to Look For In a Baby Stroller

Safety is key when picking any piece of equipment for your baby. To ensure a fun and hazard-free walk with your baby, you’ll need to pick a stroller that not only looks good, but is also super easy and safe for any family to use. Here are some key features to look for in a baby stroller.

Seats That Recline

Newborn babies need a lot of safe support since they don’t have the neck and muscle strength needed to sit up on their own. Strollers with seats that can lie completely flat are a must-have for families with newborns. If your baby is old enough to travel with you in the car, you may also want to look for a stroller with a car seat that’s easy to attach and remove.

Easy Folding

You won’t always have the luxury of both hands when exploring with your baby, so do look for strollers that can easily fold with one hand. If a stroller requires a team of 2 or more people just to fold and fit in your car trunk, it may only cause more trouble than good for your family. You might also want to look for strollers that can stand on their own even when folded as this will save you the hassle of picking up a stroller off the ground every few hours.

Five-Point Safety Harness

The safest pieces of baby equipment these days require five-point safety harnesses instead of just three. You’ll also need to look for five-point harnesses that don’t unbuckle too easily or press too hard against the skin. Three-point harnesses, as well as harnesses that come off with the slightest tap, are a huge no-no for any family.

Comfortable Seating

Your baby will spend a lot of time sitting in a stroller, so it’s vital to look for seats that are comfy, durable, and easy to clean. If possible, go for strollers with seats that are detachable and machine-friendly. You won’t always have time to kneel down and scrape off every little stain, after all.

Safe Steering

Sudden stops and turns are to be expected during any walk outside, which is why it’s important to pick strollers that are easy to maneuver and stop any time. When testing out a new stroller’s brakes, consider how easily they can stop and go. If a stroller stops way too many times, or if it requires way too much force to stop completely, it may not be right for you. It’s also best to take some time to test whether or not you can move a stroller around shelves and into narrow rooms.

Sun Canopies

Babies absolutely need 24/7 protection from the rain and sun. The best strollers for travelling families come with canopies or shades that can be brought down any time. You may also want to look for canopies that snap and close securely, as well as see-through windows or mesh. Of course, you should also see whether or not your baby can breathe easily even when the canopy is down.

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