Jan 30 , 2020

Keeping Your Baby Safe From Disease

Diseases are a natural and unavoidable part of life. If a human being never got sick, he would never be able to build up the immunity needed to fight against everyday illness and infection. This doesn’t mean proper precautions should be ignored, however, as there are plenty of modern medicines and conveniences we can use to strengthen our bodies and lower the risk of developing any mild or serious diseases.

Babies especially should be protected as their immune systems are still slowly developing and learning to fend off nasty viruses and infections. Even though a baby is likely to get sick at least 9 times in their young life, it’s always best to keep them safe as much as possible. Here are a few tips that can help you protect your baby from the flu and other nasty illnesses.

Maintain Proper Vaccinations

Since babies don’t have immune systems as strong as that of a child or adult, one of the best ways to defend their developing bodies from serious illness is to give them all the proper vaccinations they need. Be sure to consult your pediatrician regarding what doses and vaccines they need, and always stick to the proper prescribed schedule. Your baby might experience a slight fever after receiving a vaccine, but it’s much safer and less lethal than the effects of more serious diseases.

Avoid Too Much Cold

I’m sure a lot of our moms and grandmas nagged us over always wearing a jacket outdoors and while it could get grating after a while, they did have a perfectly good reason for doing so. Viruses and bacteria thrive and spread more in cold weather than hotter temperatures (this is why we always kill bacteria by applying heat), so a lower body temperature can make you more susceptible to illness. While most kids, adults, and teens can do fine in chilly weather, babies should always be kept warm and cozy in order to avoid exposure to viruses and ensure that they don’t lose too much energy trying to keep their body temperature at a safe level.

Use Snug And Comfy Clothing

A layer of warm and comfortable clothing can help keep your baby warm and well-protected against illness. More layers of clothing for your baby can guarantee good health and safety when it’s a bit too chilly and cold outside. This doesn’t mean having to stack too many sweaters or coats on top of each other, though. Simply dress your baby in an undershirt, followed by a comfy pair of pajamas or a nice dress on top. You can also let your baby wear a jacket for additional warmth or snugly wrap them in a cozy blanket.

Avoid Crowds

The temptation to release your baby’s inner social butterfly might be strong, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Since your baby doesn’t have much immunity or resistance to common diseases, they might end up exposed to a lot of viruses or bacteria when staying in a place filled with too many people. If you do ever bring your baby out on the town, be sure to watch them closely and keep them secured in a pram or baby carrier. It’s also good to kindly remind random strangers not to suddenly reach out and touch your little one.


If breastfeeding is an option, you should always take full advantage of it. It can pass on healthy virus-fighting antioxidants to your baby and further strengthen their bodies against disease, as well as lessen any chances of them developing any nasty colds or infections during the first six months of their young life. Breast milk is also a sure way to lessen any chances of your baby developing digestive problems as it’s really easy to break down and digest.

The stages of a young baby’s life are often filled with many ups and downs. Even though a baby can happily grow and learn from the world around them, their sensitive bodies can often become prone to injury and sickness. This is especially true for a baby’s tiny nasal canal as it can fill up with too much snot and mucus, and cause problems with breathing and discomfort as a result. A reliable baby nose aspirator can help prevent such problems by clearing up excess snot and mucus without causing any unnecessary harm. Our store has a reliable nasal aspirator that you can always rely on in times of need, so why not check it out today?