Feb 07 , 2020

How Music Makes A Baby’s Life Magical

Music is more than just entertainment. It’s an entire language spoken by all, regardless of culture, dialect, or nationality. It inspires countless feelings and ideas without even using words, and it helps us travel to worlds we never thought could exist.

Many studies have proven just how vital music really is to the personal development of children. Even babies themselves have plenty to gain from listening to a precious lullaby or trying to imitate sound. There’s truly no limit to how music can deeply affect a person and help in the formation of their personal identity.

It Relaxes Them

It’s safe to say that nearly all of the songs we encounter on a daily basis can inspire plenty of different feelings and emotions. Songs we find annoying or awful anger and irritate us to no end, while songs that we hold close to our hearts help us feel calm and comforted during difficult times.

Though babies can’t really see clearly for the first few months of their young life, they can and do hear the world around them pretty quickly. Singing or humming to a baby while bonding with them can help make the baby feel more relaxed and comforted while playing instruments or songs from any device can help them become curious and entertained. In fact, when babies feel uncomfortable from being in a new environment or experiencing pain, they usually feel much better and less anxious after listening to their parents sing a song or lullaby.

It Helps Them Learn Language

It’s much easier for a baby to learn new words and sounds in a musical environment than in a quiet place. Our brains are naturally wired to recognize words and integrate them into our language, so babies who listen to a lot of music can get a head start on learning to make vocal sounds and communicate orally. When babies imitate the words and sounds they hear from a song, they get to develop their vocal cords and begin learning how to make important phonetic sounds. They can also learn all about pitch and rhythm, and soon enthusiastically begin imitating songs that they’ve heard several times.

Listening to music can also help a baby learn more about non-verbal communication. Studies have shown that babies excited about music often dance and flap their arms in order to communicate their immense satisfaction to their parents. Babies who have learned about pitch from music can also develop the habit of making high-pitched squeaky noises to communicate happy, excited feelings.

It Gives Them A Chance To Have Fun

Babies can certainly enjoy themselves and have loads of fun when listening to their favorite songs or singing to the tune of a nursery rhyme. When babies dance and move along to music, their brains release oxytocin—i.e. the “happy hormone” produced during breastfeeding. Praising babies and encouraging them when they sing and dance for friends and family also gives them an immense feeling of satisfaction and helps them feel loved.

Electronic musical toys can also be a source of endless fun for babies. Babies can enjoy listening to music as well as develop tactile skills by playing with toys in countless ways, such as moving them in the air or pushing buttons.

What Music Should My Baby Listen To?

You can play any music you like! Your baby will surely love and appreciate your favorite songs so long as you let her dance around and have fun with them. Even banging on a few pots and pans or playing with spoons can still keep them happy and entertained.

Music with a lot of varying rhythms and tempo can keep your baby very interested and entertained. You can also play round songs or music with some rhythmic chanting such as “We Will Rock You” to play, clap, and dance along with your little one. There’s no need to stick to just one genre, either. Try to mix and match different songs to keep things interesting at home. Who knows, your baby might even develop their own interests and find songs they like.

You might want to be careful with songs that are too loud or chaotic, though. They can overwhelm your baby and make them stressed instead of relaxed. Not to mention they’re not really great for your baby’s sensitive ears.

A baby’s sense of hearing and musical appreciation is vital to their overall development. Unfortunately, there are times when clogged noses and sickness can keep your baby from hearing and communicating as well as they should. Our Baby Nasal Aspirator can help you stave off nasal congestion and play fun, relaxing music to keep your little ones calm when they’re stressed or anxious. Why not order yours today with just one click?