Aug 14 , 2020

Great Ways to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

Rainy days aren’t always fun. Energetic kiddos who love to run and explore in the park often end up lazing around in the house instead of having fun, while kids who hate all things loud and scary have to deal with terrifying thunder and lightning flashes. It’s safe to say that the rainy day blues can strike just about anyone at any age.

Your kids don’t have to surrender to the rainy day blues every year. Anyone can find speckles of sunlight in the darkest and heaviest clouds as long as they get to spend precious time with those they love the most. Keep your child’s emotions, mind, and body in good shape during bad weather with these activities.

1. Comfort Talks

Many kids often feel anxious during rainy days, especially when they have to watch out for loud booms and bolts that seem to come from nowhere. But, you don’t have to worry too much when your child starts to cry and freak out at the sound of lighting and thunder. Fear is a perfectly normal part of child development, after all.

The best thing you can do to manage your child’s rainy day anxieties is to gently listen, provide soothing words, and walk them through their fear step-by-step. Listen to your child explain why he’s so scared and provide as much comfort as you can. Simple words like “There, there. I’m here to protect you from scary lightning.” will mean so much to a child looking for any form of reassurance. You can also do activities that help your child feel better during tough times, such as drinking a warm glass of hot chocolate together or playing with building blocks.

2. Kid-Friendly Science Experiments

Your child may not be able to master the laws of physics or test theories just yet, but they will always appreciate new and interesting ways of learning more about the world. Indoor science experiments are a great way to help your child learn simple concepts, such as counting ingredients and putting things in order.

Look online for preschooler-friendly activities or plan your own special experiments. Teach your kids about wind with inflated Ziploc bags, or mix paint together to see how colors combine into something new. Remember to always pick activities that teach simple concepts and allow lots of fun participation. Use age-appropriate worksheets and creative posters to teach your kids about asking and answering questions, too.

3. Creative Crafts

If your kids are old enough to use scissors, pencils, and paper without any problems, take the opportunity to make your own wonderful masterpieces together. Draw and color huuuuge posters about family rules, what to do on rainy days, and other important lessons you’d like your child to take to heart. Make paper mache statues of your child’s favorite characters and hang them up once they’re done. If art materials are hard to come by, you can print some great worksheets online and enjoy a simple hour or two of coloring.

Kids are more likely to enjoy activities when they feel more involved in the planning process. When coming up with arts and crafts ventures for rainy days, ask your child for ideas and focus activities on his favorite topics. Don’t limit what your child can put on paper, either. Instead, encourage him to draw anything that comes to mind in his own special way. If you’re aiming to help your child work on his fine motor skills, you can teach him to color within the lines and draw all kinds of shapes. Don’t forget to keep your art activities low-pressure, safe, and fun for everyone.

4. Run, Play, and Move Around

Preschoolers definitely aren’t the type to laze around during rainy days. Rain or shine, little kids will always want to explore, move around, and play high-energy games. You can help your kids feel less restless during rainy days by playing fun and safe indoor games, such as “The Floor Is Lava” or “Stop Dance”. If you’d like to teach your kids about the importance of daily exercise, you can do simple work-out activities together. There are tons of kid-friendly exercise videos you can download and use if your kids need to expel some extra energy.

To avoid any accidents during indoor play, make sure to set up a spacious and accident-free activity area beforehand. Get rid of stray wires, fragile objects, and other objects that can injure little kids. Cover up corners and electric outlets to keep curious kiddos safe. You and your child can also have fun with pets, but do make sure to supervise pet playtime. If your family pet starts to feel tired or agitated, bring him or her to a spot where they can rest and relax by themselves.

5. Shadow Puppets and Roleplays

According to Piaget’s “Preoperational Stage of Cognitive Development”, kids begin to think and learn with symbols starting from 2 up to 7 years of age. In other words, young kids love to play pretend with just about anything. Little boys can ride on brooms and pretend to be cowboys, while little girls can pretend their stuffed toys are all citizens of a faraway kingdom. During rainy days, you can nurture your child’s cognitive and social development with fantastic role-play.

Make your own perfect cast of characters with paper bags, socks, and just about any arts and crafts material at your disposal. Stick eye-catching pictures of your child’s favorite characters on popsicle sticks. Craft a stage with an old shoebox and handkerchiefs. Act out interesting stories that your child can enjoy and learn from, or let your child show off his storytelling skills to friends and family. Entertaining role-play is sure to help your child build essential communication skills, creativity, and confidence.

6. Mini Boat Races

Who says you need to be outside to have fun with water? Your bathtub can become a great source of education and entertainment for you and your child. Create incredible mini boats with your little one using paper, cardboard, or other durable material. If you’re an avid toy collector, power up toy boats that can float and move around on water. When it’s time to test out your new creations, fill the bathtub with a little water (just 1 to 2 inches of water should be enough) then gently place your boats inside. Your little sailor will be absolutely delighted when he watches his mini boat float along the water.

You can still have fun with marvelous mini boat races even if you don’t have a bathtub at home. Simply fill a large cookie sheet or plastic container with a little water to give your incredible inventions a try!

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