Apr 24 , 2020

Choosing Comfy Clothes For Your Baby

There’s a lot to consider when choosing what to wear every day. Not only do your clothes have to look good, but they have to feel good too. There’s no use wearing a bright or colorful dress if it feels way too tight or loose for comfort, after all.

Picking out adorable baby clothing is one of the best parts of being a parent. However, it definitely isn’t easy. A family photo session can turn into a nightmare if your little one ends up screaming his lungs out because of an itchy or tight dress. Here are some tips for choosing good-looking and comfortable baby clothing.

1. Avoid Tiny Hazards

Safe baby items aren’t supposed to have small parts. The same can also be said for baby clothing. Tiny buttons, ribbons, ties, and string can turn into dangerous choking hazards for your baby. As much as possible, avoid clothing with tiny, loose, and easily detachable clothing. You should also avoid clothing with long ties or strings since they can easily suffocate your child’s neck, arms, wrists, legs, and ankles.

2. Always Consider Weight

It’s much better to weigh your child first before buying new clothes for them. That way, you don’t risk buying clothes that will end up too small or too large for comfort. You shouldn’t also rely on newborn sizes too much since babies can grow incredibly fast even when they’re only a few months old.

3. Pick Clothes That Are Easy To Maintain

Some baby clothes might look good, but they can also become too difficult to wash and maintain every day. It’s more practical to choose clothes that can be washed by machine, as well as clothes that don’t always require ironing. You should also pick clothes with fabric that won’t tear or stain only after a weeks. Cotton is a popular choice since it’s known to be durable, comfortable, and incredibly low maintenance.

4. Make Sure You Can Easily Put Them On And Take Them Off

Your babies won’t be putting their clothes on by themselves, of course. You’ll be mainly responsible for dressing and undressing them as needed. Your baby will usually wriggle and move around way too much while you put on their clothes, so be sure to pick shirts, dresses, and other clothing items that aren’t too difficult to handle. You might want to pick clothes with wide necks, easy snaps in the front, and loose fabric.

5. Stick With Fire-Safe Clothing

Many baby clothes in the market are specially designed to be fire-resistant. If you ever get the opportunity to pick special fire-safe clothes for your child, don’t waste your chance! It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all. When washing fire-safe clothing though, be sure to always follow specified instructions in order to keep up the fabric’s fire-retardant quality.

6. Choose Clothes That Are Safe For Sensitive Skin

You might not always be able to tell if your baby’s outfit is safe for their delicate skin. You could end up having to rub lotion all over your baby’s sore and itchy skin if you aren’t careful about the fabric on their brand new clothes. Clothes made of fabric like nylon and polyester might not always be safe for babies since they aren’t able to handle excessive moisture well. They might also end up too tight and warm for comfort.

7. Pick Weather-Appropriate Clothing

Do keep the ever-changing seasons and temperatures in mind when choosing clothes for your kids. You should stock up not only on thick clothes for the winter and fall, but also on comfortable and cool clothing for the summer and spring. If you live in a tropical country, it’s best to have an equal supply of warm-weather and rainy-season clothing at home. Who knows, your local area might end up experiencing a heavy squall even in the summer!

8. Focus On Functionality

    The best clothes are always made not only with looks, but also with function in mind. Your child might benefit more from certain types of clothing than others. If your baby likes to sleep a lot during the day, consider buying onesies, footies, and other comfortable sleepwear for them. If you aren’t the type to attend fancy social events with your kids all the time, you might want to avoid the temptation of buying too many themed and delicate party outfits.