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8 Ways to Help Preschoolers Build Vocabulary

The key to building effective emerging readers doesn’t just lie in reviewing educational posters and workbooks. Before setting foot in a school, kids learn all about words through direct and meaningful experiences. When a toddler visits the park with his parents, he learns all about trees, grass, and fountains. When young girls get a haircut for the first time, they learn all about shampoo and scissors. The more meaningful and enjoyable experiences a child has, the easier it becomes for him to build a great vocabulary bank.

Xanthea Sagsago

Sports Safety for Preschoolers

Sports activities are a great way to help your child get some exercise, learn teamwork skills, and build confidence. Even if your child isn’t ready for competitions and team sports just yet, you can still bond and develop critical physical and developmental skills simply by playing together at home or at the local park. Your child is sure to enjoy hours of fun and learn a lot when he gets the chance to engage in fun sports activities with parents, friends, and relatives.

Xanthea Sagsago

Terrible Habits For Your Child's Teeth

As parents, we always strive to keep our children’s pearly whites in perfect shape. This is why we make trips to the dentist, buy fun toothbrushes, and enforce healthy hygiene rules at home. However, cavities may creep into our children’s mouths without us knowing it.

Bad habits that damage precious tooth enamel might not cause trouble right away, but they do increase your little one’s chances of suffering painful toothaches. The more your child gnaws on hard pencils and ice, the weaker his teeth become against daily oral health hazards. Here are some of the worst habits for your child’s teeth.

Xanthea Sagsago

Bathroom Safety Tips for Toddlers

Although your toddler will find it easier to enjoy bath time, it’s still best to take proper precautions. Young children are very prone to drowning and slipping, and their sensitive skin may not handle a hot bath very well. Since your toddler isn’t capable of bathing and showering on their own just yet, you’ll also need to stay vigilant while they splash around in the tub. After all, accidents always lie where we least expect them. Here are some great safety tips to keep in mind when giving your curious toddler a relaxing soak in the tub.

Xanthea Sagsago

5 Tips to Help Kids Practice Writing

Helping little kids take control of their newfound writing powers may be a challenge at times. Sometimes kids will want to run and play instead of writing their names. Other times, kids might end up writing in odd or unusual ways. Parents need not worry too much, though. With enough time, patience, love, and practice, your emergent writer will be able to master writing his ABC’s in no time! Here are some great tips to remember when helping your toddler or preschooler learn how to write well.

Xanthea Sagsago

Protecting Babies From Bug Bites

Bug bites bother both the young and the old all over the world. Though some mosquito bites aren’t really that harmful, bug bites from certain mosquito species can bring about deadly diseases like dengue and malaria.

Babies are very vulnerable to nasty bug bites as they aren’t capable of squishing tiny bugs or waving a mosquito killer around. Sometimes, mosquitoes may even infiltrate your home through overflowing trash cans, cracks in the window, or plants in the backyard. Super mommies and daddies don’t need to fret about losing the war against bugs, though. There are plenty of safe and effective ways to keep your baby safe from mosquito bites.